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Positioning Pole for Magster Magnetic Ceiling Display Hardware


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Positioning Pole for Magster Magnetic Ceiling Display Hardware is used to install or remove the magnetic display hardware from a suspended ceiling grid. Installer pole provides 3 ft of reach.

If you need a longer reach, your best option is the Mr. Long Arm Commercial Strength Positioning Pole in 8 foot or 12 foot lengths.

NOTE: The Positioning Pole is only compatible with the Magster product line. It will not work with the Clipster product line because Clipster Hooks attach around the edges of your suspended ceiling grid.

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 in

5 reviews for Positioning Pole for Magster Magnetic Ceiling Display Hardware

  1. Andy


    So I figured I wasn’t the only one who was a bit confused at first with this installer pole. The trick is to relax the installer pole once you’ve hung whatever it is you’re hanging. Once the installer pole is hanging straight down, pulling it straight away wiggle it free. Hope this helps, once you get the hang of it set up and take down for these hooks is a breeze.

  2. Judy


    I love that the pole is long enough for my high ceilings. Once I got the hang of using it, it was great!!!!

  3. Cindy Bremer


    Andy your review was spot on! Once I learned to use finesse instead of pulling away on it, it came away easily! Im so glad to be free of having to drag a ladder into my room now!

  4. Shannon


    Does anyone have the extender for this? Does it work? How expensive is it?

  5. Judy E


    Hi Shannon! I ordered 2 extra extenders or dowel’s when I purchased mine and they were very easy to attach to the end. I had no problem reaching the ceiling of our utility room at school. The only issue I could possibly see is that I think if I added a couple more extensions then the pole would begin to be more flimsy. Which when your pulling the magnets off the ceiling would make it a bit jerkier. I only had 2 extensions so I did not have the problem but I could see it as a possibility. The pole worked great for me though!

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