You have the decorations. The signs. The artwork … now you need the best ceiling hanger system to display those items up high, quickly and easily. . . Magster and Clipster Display Hooks and Ceiling Hangers.

The Clipster and Magster ceiling hangers products offer limitless possibilities for creative decorating in the classroom, office, or any other setting. For strong, sturdy support and/or in long-term applications, the Clipster is your best pick. For a quick, adaptable hook that can be adjusted or removed in seconds, the magnetic Magster fits the bill. Teachers, retailers, and event planners are just a few of the people who will love the Magster and Clipster ceiling hangers! Both types of hooks are exceptional for a variety of applications, including:

  • Classroom materials and decorations
  • Easy-to-display decorations for event planners
  • Signs and announcements around the office building
  • Sales and product signs for retail shops, liquor stores, and more

The Safer, Easier, Faster Way To Hang



Make Displaying Easy With Magster Ceiling Hangers